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1) Listen carefully to the instructor during the briefing.

2) Wearing a protective mask is compulsory for the duration of the game.

Never remove it during the game, leave the playing area before removing it.

3) Bows and arrows are not toys, respect the material.

4) Once the teams are evenly composed, line up in their playing zone (attack zone) and wait for the starting signal.

5) At the starting signal, retrieve the arrows in the neutral zone and return to take cover behind an inflatable bunker in its attack zone.

It is forbidden to shoot from and in the neutral zone.

6) Shoot at your opponents or at the 5-spot target from the attack zone.

7) Do not shoot a damaged arrow, and report it directly to the referee.

8) Be fair and respect your partners and opponents.

9) Have a good time with lots of fun.


- Safety is paramount, the archery game is played with real equipment, bows and arrows are those used in sports, not toys!
- The so-called "long" bows would give too much power to the arrows, this is why we use a "short" model better suited to the game, this again for the sake of safety.
- Another important point in terms of safety, the arrow which can only be equipped with suitable material, glued expanded polystyrene is not enough, an archery game arrow has a special tip.
- The dimension of the neutral zone is 6 meters, so the impact force of the arrow will not be too strong.
- All players must be equipped with a protective helmet for archery game, protective helmets intended for paint ball or other games are not suitable.
- These CE archery game helmets must be kept by the player throughout the game without ever removing it.

- Do not shoot a damaged arrow, and report it directly to the referee.

Number of participants and game times:

- 2 teams of 6 players maximum (12 players on the field)

- Each round will take place in 10 minutes.

- A game takes place in 3 rounds of 10 minutes.

Course of a game:

- Participants put their helmets on their heads.
- Participants collect their arrows in the neutral zone.
- Each participant, as soon as he is hit by the opponent, places his arrows on the ground where he was hit, leaves the playing area with his bow and raises his hand (especially keep your helmet on your head)

- Depending on the game mode, an eliminated player can return to the game (catch an enemy arrow in flight / a spot of the enemy target hit (hence the importance of keeping his helmet)

How to win a game:

There are 3 solutions to win a game of archery game:
- "Hit" all opposing players.
- Hit the 5-spots of the target (disks)
- End of time, the winning team will be the one that removes the most spots from the target. If there is a tie between the teams, the winner will be the one with the highest number of players still in play.

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