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1) Listen carefully to the instructor during the briefing.

2) Always have the rifle sling around your neck or shoulder.

3) Always hold the "Phaser" with both hands.

4) Do not exchange the material with other people this disables the electronic equipment and the loss of your scores.

5) Do not remove or turn off electronic equipment.

6) Respect the material.

7) Do not crawl or throw yourself on the ground.

8) Watch out for obstacles, watch where you are going and where you are walking.

9) No insults and no physical contact.

10) Stay within the demarcated area of ​​the playing field.

For any questions or malfunctions, make your complaint to the facilitator present after the briefing or during the game.

First of all, check first, if you have any life or ammunition left, all you have to do is go to the "medic" box to recharge.

According to the chosen game modes.

If there is a dispute between two players or a breach of the rules, the player (s) will be left the game with no possible refund.

As a reminder, this is a game, so have fun in the right atmosphere and stay fair.

Small tips:

  • Don't shout or the enemy will know where you are.

  • Wear comfortable shoes and clothing that allow you to move more easily and so enemies cannot see you.

  • Aim with the sights, each weapon is slightly different. Familiarize yourself with the general laser aiming system.

  • If there is an observation area, prepare in advance and examine the terrain if possible to determine strategic crossing points.

  • Do not travel in large groups. Only stay with a few people.

  • Never stay in one place. The opponent will determine your strategies and shoot you.

  • If on higher ground, like a second level, stay somewhere that you can see, but they can't see you.

  • Don't panic when you see one of your enemies. Don't hesitate to shoot. Also make sure your aiming system is straight so you can have the advantage.

  • Look for some special targets in the arena. Some arenas have identifiable “bases” or other targets that are worth a lot of points or bonuses.

  • If an enemy is chasing you, find a teammate or two to help you take them out.

  • If you are a sniper, be sure to look behind and around you before returning to your targets. If a sniper only focuses on his targets, then enemy players will be able to have him from the sides or from behind.

  • Look for good hiding places where you can see enemies, but they can't see you.

  • While difficult to do, moving quickly and taking cover regularly can be beneficial in dodging enemy fire.

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