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Laser / airsoft

What's this ?

Specific shooting training with laser tag and airsoft replicas in complete safety and wherever you are.

A course followed by a personalized program according to your experience, and your desires for your training.

For who ?

For laser tag / paintball / airsoft players.

Sport shooters / professionals and amateurs.

beginners and experienced.

Children (7+) accompanied by an adult / adults / seniors.

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Taking into account:

- Safety and actions to take (whether the lines are true or false, you have to learn the right actions.)

- Position and space.

- Learn to adjust a sight / optics / telescope / red dot.

- Initiation to shooting and electronic targets.

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Objectives and difficulties:

- Gain reaction time for shooting.

- Train your brain.

- Increase your shooting impact by decreasing information processing time.

- Stimulate your cardio by adding signaling pads just before the shot.

- Double Tap. During a shooting combination. You will then have to carry out 2 rapid and successive shots on the electronic elements.

- Add distance gradually. For example, go from a 5 meter shot to 7 meters, etc.

- Add rhythm by reducing the lap times. For example, go from a 10 second shot to 7 seconds, etc.

- Change targets during your shot.

- Corner closure. Shoot at more open or closed angles.

- Add obstacles during movement (container, tire, crate, rubalise, etc.).

- Position change. Extended shot and knee transition.

- Once you have completed your list of shooting constraints, you can now start your shooting program.

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In addition to these training for reflexes and reactivity.

We can add a "Duel" module to it in order to face a defense situation.

(it is still a laser game or airsoft game with the appropriate equipment and protections)

Possibility of including this program with airsoft replicas propelling 6mm or 4.5mm plastic balls in steel according to your preference.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.


To see our different weapon replicas you can visit the laser game "equipment" section.

or click on the following button:

We can also rent you laser / airsoft replicas + balls + half day or day protective goggles by reservation only at 0787065303

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