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Who are we?

The project was born in 2016, we created our young company in 2017
on the idea of ​​a "traditional" laser game in a large hangar.
It was while visiting an airsoft shop that the idea took shape, seeing young teenagers amazed by the aftershocks.
Myself being an assiduous player of laser game, airsoft since the age of 15
at the Laser Quest in Fréjus, I participated in several tournaments in France.
But also geek from a young age.
So we decided to combine these two sports in one.
The outdoor laser tag, very close to the airsoft / paintball style but in the form of a laser game. The freedom to play wherever you want and without the constraint of wearing protection.
Little by little our company is adding new fun and sports activities for young people and adults, always seeking team spirit and cohesion.
like the archery game, the treasure hunt, the photo rally in sainte maxime, manufacturing projects and creations of arcade game terminals and many more ...




Our skills:
- A team of professionals who complement each other.
- Supervision and group activities.
- Dynamic, punctual, and serious.
- Listening and available.
- Trained and updated with additional training.

Fun war.
With us or with you


We mainly do laser game and archery with us in Sainte Maxime or at your place. We travel in the Var but also throughout the PACA region all year round. Many in holiday centers, campsites, businesses, gardens, parks, forests, military bases and others ... a fun and sporting activity suitable for children and adults.
Play when and where you want. Book quickly to discover this new unique concept in the Gulf of Saint Tropez.

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